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Disclaimer: Laminine and posting of these testimonies is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. LifePharm® Global is not responsible for any of these testimonies. They are not the opinion of LifePharm® Global, but peoples' personal experiences.


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  • David USA 24 Jan 2013
    I've been on the Laminine product for a little over ten days, and it has given me more energy than I've ever had before. At fifty five years old I now wake up at 6 or 7 am, and can go the entire day without rest usually going to bed after midnight. Yesterday, I was up 18 hours without a nap, with mental focus even at 1 am. I'm assuming my hypothyroidism is no longer an issue. I was on 75 mcg of Synthroid medication which I haven't taken, and feel great without it. Amazing product. I also, have more mental alertness, and focus to do the things that need to get done, and constantly feel positive, and with good humor. I'm sure my serotonin levels are increased. I can feel the difference.
    Laminine User
  • Martha H. USA 24 Jan 2013
    Seven years ago my knees were very hurt. I thought I would never be able to walk comfortably again. When I started taking Laminine, I felt full of energy and enthusiasm, and the severe discomfort in my knees even went away! This is an absolute miracle.
    Laminine User
  • Les H. USA 24 Jan 2013
    In 2008 my dad was diagnosed as having Alzheimer’s. Since he started taking Laminine one year ago, his Alzheimer’s has diminished and today, we have our father back. Thank you Laminine.
    Laminine User
  • Steve E. USA 24 Jan 2013
    I am a type II insulin dependent diabetic. Within 3 days of Laminine my blood sugar went down from180 to 120. I am now steady at 111-130. I also suffer from low grade depression. After 3 months, I NO LONGER TAKE DIABETES MEDICATIONS & DEPRESSION IS NO LONGER AN ISSUE! Laminine clearly saved my life and I can’t live without it.
    Laminine User
  • Renee H. USA 24 Jan 2013
    Ever since my mother died about six months ago, I couldn’t sleep as I experienced a deep depression and had to take anti depressant medications daily. After Laminine, I slept soundly for the first time and noticed my bouts of depression gradually disappear. Today I no longer have to take mediations. I have a greater sense of wellbeing.
    Laminine User
  • Ada Almodovar Florida, USA 29 Jan 2013
    * My Husband is Improving So Much with Laminine - (Parkinson's) Eight years ago, my husband, Raymon, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Of course, the doctors put him on medications but his condition only seemed to get worse, to the point where he was shaking all the time, couldn’t walk without help, and would sleep until about 2 every afternoon. He had so much difficulty talking that he would not talk very much and, when he did, it was hard to understand him. He also developed a lot of problems with his bowels and had to use laxatives all the time. We started using Laminine two months ago and, while the progress was slow at first, here is where Raymon is today: He has cut his medication by half or less and shaking much less, his bowels are functioning again without all the laxatives, he wakes up earlier everyday and has more energy, he is able to walk better, and he is talking much more and with better clarity. Laminine has improved my emotional state tremendously. I feel much more in control and able to deal with the challenge of caring for my husband. The fact that Laminine has made such a huge difference for Raymon, has certainly made it easier to care for him. I am so optimistic about our future. I just know he is going to continue to improve with the help of Laminine. I am so grateful for Laminine and LifePharm Global.
    Laminine Satisfied User
  • Bonnie C. USA 29 Jan 2013
    Laminine is an Answer to Prayer To God be the Glory!! Well finally after all the supplements I have found one that really is working!! Thank you Jesus that a friend told me about Laminine. For the first time in years I’m sleeping good and waking rested. My left knee is not popping and swelling is down. Lonnie noticed the big scar from 8 years ago on my leg seemed to be fading. The aching in my hands is greatly diminished and I have energy. Heard that this stuff really works in many areas, but I had to see it to believe it. I’ve learned to be a skeptic! LOL! I’ve only been taking it a little over two weeks and am so blessed that I trusted my friend John Wolff and gave it a try. I’d used all the super juices and multiple supplements, plus prescriptions over the years and never had measurable results. I know that my husband’s prayers as well as my families for me to feel better had to bring this my way. God is good!
    Laminine User
  • Lori Leavitt USA 29 Jan 2013
    (***KNOW for yourself THAT this is true . . . as I have done!!) Try This On Your Wrinkles—Amazing, Really!! I am an 86 year old female. I have been using Laminine on my face and neck for about a month and have noticed a great reduction in my deep wrinkles and the fine lines are nearly gone. This is what I do: I use the white of an egg and add a capsule of Laminine to it. I beat it well until it forms a thickness and dab it all over my face and neck. I put it on heavier where I have wrinkles. I leave it on for as long as I can, sometimes for hours, and then wash it off with tepid water. Then I place a hot washcloth on my face until it cools off and then I put moisturizer on my face. You can also add a little moisturizer directly to the egg white/Laminine mixture before you apply it to your skin. I save the left over mixture and use it until it is gone. I don’t want to waste even a grain of Laminine. I do this process almost every day, but even once every few days would be plenty. I just love the way my skin feels after an application and how fast the wrinkles are disappearing before my eyes. So, now, I can add “wrinkle eliminator” to the long list of miracles I am experiencing with Laminine. As you know, I had polio in 1957 and I was in the hospital 197 days. The doctors at that time told me I might have some repercussions and symptoms in about 40 years. I have had polio symptoms over the last 7 years. I have had severe pain in my back and left leg and an excruciating headaches at times. Since I started taking LAMININE I HAVE NOT HAD ANY POLIO SYMPTOMS. I BELIEVE WE HAVE A MIRACLE PRODUCT THAT WILL HELP THE BODY HEAL ITSELF. NOTE: Take pictures before you start this skin treatment and then every week to track your progress. Please share your success with us and be sure to tell all your friends.
    Laminine User
  • Judy Carpenter USA 29 Jan 2013
    Stung by a Wasp. Check This Out! Right after I talked to you the other day I got stung by a wasp.... wow really stings.... I broke open a capsule of Laminine and made a paste and put it on the sting.... sting went away immediately and within 1 hour the swelling and redness around the sting was gone. All you could see was where the stinger went in.... no soreness either... gone... wow... Gotta tell ya something else I noticed... the paste left in the container from my wasp bite... I decided not to waste it... so I spread it on my face... and was going to put it on my spot just under my lower eyelid... and noticed it was almost gone... it was small about the size of a pimple but only slightly brown... now it is almost not noticeable...this is just from taking the Laminine internally amazing.
    Laminine User

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